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A book of poems

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There’s more to poetry,
that sparks a soul

Beneath the sorrows,
is a new beginning

Prismatic mysteries,
unfold along the way

A world of wisdom,
enlightening the mind

A glimpse of a realm,
magnifies the heart

Note: This poem is dedicated to my book and collection of poems, titled “Dear Life and Poetry”.



A Poetic Synopsis

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She was fascinated by the beauty of an island
He was captivated by the wonders of her soul

In this story, she’s named Juliet, he’s called Rome
In their hearts, they explored the depths of love

Shakespeare, why did you end it in tragedy?
Could I still turn the tables to a joyful ending?

What if this time, a new Juliet finally faces a different fate or destiny?

Note: This is a poem dedicated to my second book, Juliet’s Realm. The book is my first fictional storyline about souls who have found each other in a place of serenity.



Poem inspired by a recent vacation

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She closed her eyes,
in a daydream
Clouds surround,
the light of the day

Floating above,
Diving deeper
Shine on the surface,
alluring peace beneath

Her mind is full of wonders,
shifting from here to there
Kind blue sea waves,
granting a mermaid’s wish

One more day,
to stay, please
She saw the heaven
gentle rays on the sea



A poem of gratitude to a mother

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You worked hard,
and lead me
to places
I haven’t been

I saw you,
when you were down
But you remain
as a strong person

You worked hard,
all your life
remained focused
with all that matters

I failed a lot,
more than you know
But you’re loving
and faithful

I’m grateful to have,
a mother like you

Note: Jule’s writings inspired me to write this poem. Thank you very much, Jules!



What is this all about?

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Changes emerging,
here and there

You seem troubled,
even in your dreams

But an angel’s presence,
is there to comfort you

Wandering through,
this paradigm of doubts

Know that your angel,
is looking after you

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;”…



When suffering inside

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My heart is weeping,
suffering inside

I miss those days,
those vivid days

I get tired too,
along the way

I lost my drive,
to go further

But I keep this hope,
until it gets better

“My soul weeps because of grief; Strengthen me according to Your word.” — Psalm 119:28



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